Our Services

We understand our ability to confront your technology challenges is only as good as the people who deliver them. Our staff are trusted problem solvers blending specific subject matter expertise with the communication and critical thinking skills required to succeed in complex, high concern delivery environments.

“It was a mess. I had a couple really smart consultants with great powerpoint. I had a C grade integrator with scale, but no clue how to build for the future. What I got with IM was a small crew that helped me turn it around. They had insight, and weren’t afraid to get dirty.”

IT Program Manager – National Security Client

IT Strategy

Your IT portfolio can’t just exist – it needs a strategy. We take our clients from roadmap to enterprise-level planning. Our expert team members have extensive experience in government IT Strategic Planning, IT Governance & Portfolio Management, Business Process Analysis & Improvement, and Enterprise Architecture. Don’t know where to start with your IT needs? We’ll guide you.

We develop capability roadmaps and technology insertion strategies for civilian, DoD, and IC audiences. Our process emphasizes needs clarification via capability themes, cost modeling, and examination of statutory constraints and authorities. We embed messaging and graphics development throughout to develop buy-in from internal leadership figures, external stakeholders, and oversight authorities including GAO, OMB, and Congress.
We write and coordinate charters for managing enterprise-level capability development, facilitate board meetings as both technical and functional SME’s, incorporate templates based on best practices, and establish a portal or other collaborative web presence to ensure transparency. We’ve instituted persistent structures for managing technology challenges and sudden changes to priorities in alignment with expected outcomes. We’ve driven the alignment of IT portfolios with our clients’ expected IT standards, and simplified automated portfolio reporting.
We help our clients evolve in response to emerging threats and opportunities with new approaches to their mission. We capture and assess current processes and SOP’s for cost, cycle time, and performance improvement opportunities. Our staff incorporates a risk communication approach to working with senior management and line staff to ensure expected changes are understood and appreciated. We generate improvement – not just artifacts.
We use a portfolio approach supported by rigorous modeling and standards translation to align the IT capabilities you procure with the strategic priorities your agency demands. We have automated OMB reporting by integrating and mapping between EA artifacts and portfolio reporting artifacts. We have also produced enterprise standards for
multiple technology stacks and transition strategies to compliment target architectures. IM has certified practitioners of industry-standard methodologies such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Service Oriented Modeling and Architecture (SOMA), and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

Solution Design

We create solutions for our government clients to accommodate their unique needs – not in spite of them. From Solution Architecture that seamlessly integrates with your existing portfolio to detailed User Needs requirements, our team understands that government solutions need to solve problems, improve performance, and maintain security.

We develop detailed implementation architectures and component designs to support development and/or acquisition efforts. These architectures are carefully integrated into your agency’s IT standards and tailored to your agency’s unique development/acquisition environment. These architectures incorporate a composite approach based on current (evolving) best practices for architectural style and implementation.
We generate requirements at the system and component level based on architectural constraints and mission requirements. This can include decomposition of strategic goals into system and performance requirements as well as the development of acquisition support materials documenting those requirements. We install and support requirements management solutions tailored to your agency’s unique implementation environment with a special focus on Atlassian products including Jira, Fisheye, and Confluence. We also serve as Product Owners in agile development environments.
Our technologists conduct reviews, analyze alternatives, and develop recommendations on opportunities to apply emerging/opportune technologies. We’ve integrated new technologies and applications with production environments and conducted studies to prove viability and utility of desired technologies.

Implementation Support

You need more than a strategy and a solution – you need support. We provide all the pieces in between strategy and implementation. Inductive Minds provides proposal review, rapid prototyping, data transformation, and access management. Don’t stop with a solution – stay secure with implementation support.

We review proposal responses, and provided constructive feedback on the architectural and strategic implications of offerer solutions. We monitor and report on implementation deviations from design guidance and user/stakeholder expectations. And we support trade studies on emerging and/or opportune technologies.
We create rapid prototypes responding to critical mission needs using available technologies including MS Office, MS Access, SharePoint, etc. We work directly with end users, including those in austere technology environments, to ensure their needs are met.
We support data transformation and loading to include schema documentation, and custom scripting to answer ad hoc questions from both mission and management.
We secure your enterprise integrating IdAM services with the rest of your built IT ecosystem, protecting those services discretely, and making them easy to consume. IM provides specialized services that optimize how organizations

integrate their IdAM solutions into a cohesive and secure ecosystem. We provide an independent analysis and evaluation of your IdAM capabilities to include Entitlement Management / Provisioning, Digital Policy Management, Digital Identity & Identity Propagation, Authentication, Authorization, Identity Attribution.